“A trip isn’t an adventure until something goes wrong.”

I have no idea where this quote comes from, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t accurate. Take a look at that picture above.  30 minutes after I snapped it at that idyllic place, I lost my wallet… In a stream… In the mountains. I’d stopped on the way out to take a picture of a snake, and when I got back to my bike at the bottom…. Fuuuuck.

I spent 3 hours walking up and down this mountain stream in search of it, only to come up empty handed. When you are traveling, keeping your wallet on your person is kind of a big deal, and I fucked that up.

Thankfully I had brought enough cash to get me by for a couple days, or to get me home if that became necessary. So I went back to my campsite for the night, gave myself a good brow-beating for being such a dipshit, and started out again early the next morning.

As I was beginning the hike back up, I met a family who asked for directions to this particular spot. By now I could have been a tour guide for this stream, so I gave them directions and in return asked them to keep an eye out for my wallet.

Not 20 minutes later the youngest of the family, a quirky 15 year old boy with a cracking voice and a great need for his first shave held my wallet up and asked “Are you Curt?” He had found it in the stream, completely water logged and in a spot I swear I had looked about a dozen times.

I could have hugged him.

I’ll now get to the point.

This story could have been about how I lost my wallet and didn’t find it. Or it could be about never losing it but being bitten by the snake. In the end, whenever I get out and do things, something inevitably goes wrong. Usually it’s my fault, but once in a while it’s not. Those unplanned events seem to be what stick in my mind, and over time go from inconvenient to hilarious. From curses to a blessings.

So here’s to getting out there, fucking up, and coming out the other side with a new story, friend, snakebite, or updated I.D. and debit cards. It’s all part of the adventure, and It’ll be funny later, I promise.

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